This blog is dedicated to teaching and everything that is somehow connected to school, teenagers and learning. As a person who has plenty of first-hand experience with the job, know many ways to help students become successful not just in their learning, but in their lives. I hope you enjoy reading my tips, evaluation of materials and methods and browsing through stories and schooling news.

Becoming a Teacher
You can’t be a teacher, as this position demands so much more from you. This is a highly demanding job, and you have to apply everything that is in you to achieve something.

  • Being a teacher is being a friend.
  • You have to build up this nice atmosphere of trust and friendship, which would be impossible without some empathy.

  • It’s being a leader.
  • You have to guide your students and motivate them. Motivation is something so many students are lacking. But a good teacher knows how to change this to see those shining eyes of a person who wants to learn and study.

  • It’s being a psychologist.
  • When you have a room full of students, you also have a room full of kids or teens who have their own issues and worries. It’s crucial to offer a helping hand to them, if they need it and try to understand the situation of another person.

I hope that this blog will help you understand how it is to be a mentor. If you want to be one someday, it will be especially beneficial. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, or just a person interested in school life, you’re welcome!